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Hi-Techno was established on February 2, 2005 with the aim of applying our accumulated business connections and technical expertise to helping our clients to develop their business. With a strong focus on the clients who support us, we work together with business partners in Korea, China and Malaysia to form a global network that links together all the clients of these partner companies. By utilizing this network, along with our own special expertise, we strive to offer only the most carefully selected technologies and products to our clients.
Atsushi Takashima President
More specifically, through our global network, we select technology, products, and parts that make a perfect fit with the client’s unique requirements. We then make a thorough investigation to verify that the specifications of the selected products can truly meet all the requirements of the client. And we only present and supply these solutions to our clients if the products are of high-quality and economical. At the time of manufacturing, we work closely with our business partners to ensure smooth management of the manufacturing process and quality control. In this way, we can be sure that the products will satisfy our client’s requirements. In the case of automated systems and state-of-the-art products that we cannot source through our own network, we can propose and design our own original systems at Hi-Techno. After the proposal is approved by our client, we then source a manufacture who can produce the system at high precision and low cost. Finally, the system is manufactured and delivered to the client. As the demands for higher quality and lower cost become stricter and stricter in today’s globalized market, we remain committed to helping our clients in their efforts to meet their product and business challenges
Atsushi Takashima